Menox 45 does not have side effects

Among the inconvenience that can accompany you during menopause, we also dilute various sexual problems. The most serious problem becomes a moment when sex for a woman is unpleasant. For these unpleasant problems can the natural loss of estrogen. Often there is a decrease in sex interest, perhaps even because the body is changing as a result of ageing.

It can also cause the self-esteem of a woman to grow, due to the fact that the wrinkles begin to increase, the breasts are saggy and the skin begins to be dried. As with menopause, the dryness of the skin occurs, you may experience the dryness of the vagina. This inconvenience can then cause pain during sex.
How to help us

In addition to the dryness reduction products, it is good to start using our natural medicine Menox. As has already been said, menopause is an absolutely physiological storyline.