Enjoy a beautiful, quality and practical product for many years

You are trying to live in a rooftop apartment, you are constantly thinking about how to make it even better, especially its view, elegance and practicality associated with it. Have you thought about the roof windows? It's a great way to achieve amazing views, warmth, plenty of light and a beautiful apartment accessory in one. In addition, with our windows, you get a quality product that lasts for decades, thanks to the hardened double, it is hail-resistant and ideal for cleaning with a 180 ° rotation. And if it's not enough, we will offer you a wide selection of wooden and plastic variants, from which you can choose boldly.
We will offer you all the services you might be challenged
Because buying is not just about the product itself, but also about ancillary services, we offer you many. In the first place, you can pay in advance or C.O.D. to our driver, but you will not pay any extra charge on delivery. Another service is the warranty period for a beautiful 10 years, delivery of your order within three days, which is possible thanks to our fully stocked warehouses, but also the possibility of free shipping, if you buy with us for more than 5 000 CZK.